About Us

At BeddingAffairs

 We understand that because one’s days are never the same, nights are even more so. That’s why we have a vast selection of to suit your different tastes and moods. Be it a tranquil night’s sleep, a warm fuzzy cuddle, a romantic love story or a dash of flamboyance and sauciness to spice things up, we have the perfect beddings to suite your different specifications. 
Our beddings will not only share your whims and sorrows but your joys and laughter as well. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad day, we’ll assure you of a good night.

Our Heritage

Having been through the hassles of bedding shopping, troubles you go through and the premiums you pay does not necessary equates to premium quality and a good night’s sleep. That’s why we founded BeddingAffairs to bring convenience, quality and most importantly, a price-tag you can be assure of sleeping on to the very doorstep of your bedrooms. At Bedding Affairs, we stick to 3 simple words which forms the basis of our corporate beliefs: Trends. Comfort. Moods. It is our assurance that you’ll find all 3 with us.

Here with us, you’ll find the best products at even better prices. Because we choose the lives we want to live in the day, we should be able to choose the kind of nights we wish to rest in. We strive to empower you to do just that.


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