Dreampebble Pro Latex Pillow-Top Non-Flip Mattress

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    The Dreampebble Pro Pillow-Top Non-Flip mattress does more than live up to its extravagant name, and we'll tell you why.

    With individual wrapped barrel-shaped pocketed coil system, you'll get better posture care, and excellent lumbar support.

    With its fabric treated with anti-dustmite features, this prevents the habitation of those pesky dust mites; because nothing should stand in the way of your good night sleep.

    A 10 year warranty, and a non-flip design to ease the hassle of having to flip your mattress regularly? You'll definitely be seeing this baby for awhile.

    Dreampebble Pro Latex Pillow-Top Non-Flip Mattress - Slumber superiority.



    • 1 inch full natural latex as pillow-top comfortable layer
    •  Individual wrapped barrel-shaped pocketed coil system to provide better posture care support
    • Anti-dustmite treated fabric covering to better prevent the inhabitant of dust-mites
    • Natural Tencel knitted fabric covering with anti-dustmite treatment to better prevent the inhabitant of dust-mites and provide natural feel
    • High quality ventilated foam padding upholstered with ventilated mesh border fabric to enhance ventilation besides the presence of side air-vents
    • Non-flip design to ease user's hassle to flip the mattress besides rotating regularly - 10-year limited warranty , 25cm / 9.8 Inch thick Guideline 



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