Hotelier Prestigio™ Luxe King Pillow (1pc)

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  • The right pillow really can make the difference between a restless night and a relaxing sleep.

    Just like a memory foam pillow it works to retain the softness that’s associated with a traditional pillow’s feel. A unique crimping method is used to achieve this texture, which is less dense than memory foam but every bit as flexible.

    This pillow exceeds any standard filling weights by a mile! Extra, 
    extra filled at 1000gsm compared to the standard 600gsm for fantastic support and comfort! 
    Featuring a luxury fine Hollow Fibre filling that springs back into shape, the super full pillow 
    will keep its plumpness to ensure that you get a comfortable night's sleep every night. The 
    casing is made from 50% Cotton for extra softness and 50% Polyester for durability, meaning. You will get a longer lasting pillow. We hand pack each order and quality check them prior to dispatch.

    • Plush, downy feel
    • Securely cradles the head and neck
    • Resilient and long-lasting support
    • Easily fit into king pillow case/sham


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