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    Round out your bedroom with the Sleepthetic™ Adjustable Bed Base. This holistic sleep system installed
    the most advance DewertOkin Motor (Germany) for a quiet and longer lasting adjustment of your bed base.

    Healthy posture

    Its quietly and steadily tilts your mattress to eliminate snoring and improve sleeps at the convenience of your fingertips with a wireless remote controller and pre-set one-touch buttons so you can truly master your bedroom. The head and foot lift give you complete control in adjusting for reading, watching TV of your favourite shows or a late-night working session.

    Rest Assured

    Shoot for the moon with the Zero Gravity pre-set button that elevates your head and feet to simulate total weightlessness for ultimate back relief while sleeping. Take your sleeping destiny by the reins and pair it with our MattX™ premium mattress for the ultimate good night sleep.

    Health Benefits

    Head Elevation

    A slight elevated head position enlarge breathing airways which allows more air flow more easily which ultimately reduce snoring

    Foot Elevation

    By elevating your feet helps to relieve pressure to your lower spine which increase blood circulation and reduce tension of your legs after a long day work or strenuous exercise.

    Heartburn or Acid Reflux

    A lot of GERD sufferers will experience heartburn at night. And when people suffer from night time heartburn, it is recommended that they elevate their heads and shoulders while sleeping. Slightly elevating your head without bending your stomach while sleeping helps keep stomach contents where they belong.

    Zero Gravity Position

    When sleeping on a traditional mattress with flat bed base, the pressure is on the area where our body touches the bed because it carries the weight of our body and they are not designed for contouring. the idea of zero gravity sleep position aims to follow what it is like in space. This means that with the help a premium mattress and adjustable bed base can go into a position that removes the pressure on your body. With less pressure, your heart does not work as hard to circulate blood thus in turn increase lung capacity, improve blood oxygen level and lessen spinal pressure level.

    Asthma and Snoring

    Slightly elevating your head while you sleep has certified by numerous medical practitioners that it helps people who are having sleeping disorder that involve difficulty breathing. And usually people with this condition snore loudly during sleep. This loud noise occurs as you sleep when the flow of air from breathing makes the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate. Snoring can be a nuisance for your partner or anyone nearby.


    Many insomnia sufferers will know that one of the reasons for not sleeping is due to uncomfortable sleeping position. If you have an adjustable bed base, you can choose to sleep in any position comfortably. By finding the right position when sleeping, it will improve so much to your oxygen level and blood circulation so in the end it will reduce your insomnia frequency.

    Key Features & Specification

    • 100% Steel Constructed Frame
    • Max weight 200kg
    • Steel retainer bar to keep mattress in place
    • Anti-Ski Decking
    • Wireless remote controller with 2 AAA batteries
    • 2 Pre-set positions (Zero gravity and Go Flat)
    • 6 height adjustable steel legs (18cm to 28cm tall)
    • 29V Output UK Pin Plug and battery backup

    Free Delivery and Setup

    1 Year Warranty

    Extended 1 Year Warranty Available

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